We love Fairfax. But sometimes love alone is not enough.

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This is one of those times. 

Our town is at risk but many are not aware of how serious it is. Some members on Fairfax Town Council have put their own political agenda above the interest of the people who elected them. It is time for all of us to speak out.

  • Voted to allow ridge-top development on unstable land, disregarding long-standing Fairfax policy.
  • Failed to address the homeless camp crisis in Peri Park, endangering our community with pollution, fire hazards and open hard drug use.
  • Failed to enact repair of town infrastructure and facilities from tax money earmarked for maintenance.
  • Voted to spend tax revenue on outside consultants to draft inappropriate plans for state-mandated Housing Element.
  • Voted to spend tax revenue to implement ill-advised rent control and eviction ordinances resulting in negative consequences to homeowners, housing providers and renters.
  • Voted to spend tax revenue to create a rent mediation process before the contested ordinances are resolved by voters in November.
  • Failed to save tax revenue by using free mediation services provided by the County.
    • Allowed policy influence from outside groups such as the Democratic Socialists of America.
    • Failed to speak with any homeowners on critical decisions that affect their property value and infringed upon property rights.
    • Voted to abridge citizens’ first amendment rights to free speech at public meetings.
    • Supports removal of the Marin Alliance Cannabis Dispensary from Fairfax, a historic, beloved and critical service, which generates much-needed tax revenue for the Town.